7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

Cataracts occur when the lens at the front of the eye becomes cloudy. Over time, you may experience increasing vision problems due to cataracts and may need surgery. At Fifty Dollar Eye Guy in Pensacola FL, we provide eye exams to detect and monitor the progression of cataracts. Learn about 7 signs that may indicate that you have cataracts below:

Cloudy or Blurry Vision

Since cataracts block light as it enters your eyes, you may have cloudy or blurry vision. As a result, tasks like reading and driving can be challenging.

Yellow Colors

You might notice that colors are not as sharp as they were before due to cataracts. Over time, you may have difficulty distinguishing between different hues.

Sensitivity to Glare

You may find your eyes are more sensitive to light and glare than they have been in the past. This symptom often occurs early if you have cataracts.

Poor Night Vision

Cataracts can affect you vision at night. Older people frequently have difficulty driving at night because of poor visual acuity or glare from oncoming traffic.

Frequent Changes in Eye Prescription

As you age, you may have to change your vision prescription more often. You might need to frequently update your prescription if you have cataracts, as they cause blurry or obscured vision even with corrective lenses.

Halos Around Lights

Some people experience halos around lights caused by cataracts that can be distracting, especially when driving.

Double Vision in One Eye

You may notice double vision, but in only one eye. Our optometrist can help determine if this is a sign of cataracts.

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