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What Should I Expect During Lasik Surgery In Pensacola?

Are you interested in getting Lasik surgery done? If so, then make sure you know what to expect during the surgery. With that said, let's briefly go over what to expect during Lasik Surgery

First Step- Lasik Surgery

First, you will be provided with eye drops. These eye drops are meant to numb the eyes and they keep you comfortable during the surgery. Depending on how things go during the first part of the visit, you might be given medication that will relax you. Both the medication and eye drops are to help you feel as little discomfort as possible. 

Second Step- Lasik Surgery

Next, the laser will be positioned right above your eye. Your eyelids will be forced to stay open via a lid speculum. Then, a flap will be created, but before that happens the cornea will be marked with an ink marker. The quality of the flap will be very good because the surgeon will apply a suction ring to the front of your eye, which will keep your eye from moving. 

The excimer laser will be adjusted for whatever your prescription is. This is done via a computer and after the flap has been created. After all this, you will then look at a light for a very brief period of time. While this is going on, your doctor will keep an eye on things as your corner receives pulses of light via the laser. 

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When your corner is being penetrated by the laser light, it will become reshaped. At this point during Lasik Surgery, you might feel a slight pressure on the eye. Not only that, but the laser might make a clicking noise while it's in use. 

After all of the above is done, you will do the whole thing again, but this time on the other eye. As for how long the entire procedure takes, it usually takes 5-10 minutes per eye. How long it will take exactly depends on various factors, but that is the average. 


That is what to expect during Lasik Surgery, but there will be a few aftercare tasks you'll have to do and your surgeon will let you know what those things are. There are many benefits of having the surgery done, but do make sure you have it performed by a highly skilled expert who has done the procedure many times. Now all you have to do is book an appointment to have Lasik Surgery performed.

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