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How Sunglasses Protect Your Vision In Pensacola

Imagine how cool you look wearing sunglasses on a bright sunny day. Despite never going out of fashion, did you know they play an integral role in protecting your vision? Actually, aside from the aesthetic perspective, their premier functionality is to shield the eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun. The degree of damage to your vision is directly proportional to your exposure, given that UV light exposure cracks and blisters the cells within the cornea. So, how can sunglasses protect your vision?

Sunglasses Protect Your Vision With Mirror Coating

This is actually the first line of defense that protects your eyes from bright conditions. It usually consists of an ultra-thin coating of reflective molecules that deflect the UV light. Mirror coated and tinted sunglasses come fitted with special UV-absorbing coating that stops the radiation from getting to your eyes. The mirror coating and tints relieve you from squinting your eyes by reflecting or absorbing intense, dazzling light to the light we can see properly.

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Sunglasses With Polarization Protect Your Vision

The glass surface or transparent plastic is made of a chemical polarizing film that eliminates polarized light glare from reflective horizontal surfaces like road surfaces, water, snow, and sand. Light waves are similar to sound waves, given how they vibrate the same. There’s usually a mish-mash of vertical and horizontal components to these vibrations. But when light strikes a horizontal surface, the waves are reflected in a strong horizontal polarization. As the jam of light waves vibrate in the same plane, that’s when we experience the glare. Sunglasses with a polarization film creates a microscopic filter that absorbs vertically polarized light matching its alignment.

Sunglasses With Ant-Reflective (AR) Coating

The AR element is more or less the same to the scratch-resistant coating. It sits closest to the eyes and is actually the last line of defense, reducing internal reflections and back-glare off the lenses. The material used to make the AR element has a refractive index between glass and air. This means that the light intensity reflected from the outer surface and inner surface of the film is nearly equal. When exposed to light, the two reflections from either side of the film cancel each other via destructive interference, which minimizes the glare you see.

As you can see, wearing your sunglasses is not all about the shaded lenses and looking cool. There’s a considerable amount of precise tech used in making each pair. Sunglasses protect your vision, which is why you should make a point of contacting Fifty Dollar Eye Guy for the best quality sunglasses in the market.

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