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What is EyeMed Insurance?

Like any other medical care expenses, eye exams, contact lenses, and eyeglasses can get costly. So how can you mitigate that? Vision insurance is the answer. By enrolling with EyeMed Vision Care, you will for sure make your vision care more cost-effective. 

Here are some of the key facts to know about EyeMed Vision Insurance:

So what is EyeMed Insurance?

EyeMed Vision Care is a big vision benefits company serving 46 million policyholders. According to EyeMed’s website, members have a selection from as many as 87,500 providers countrywide. You can totally depend on them for any eye care needs since you'll be able to obtain quality eyewear benefits and vision care. 

How Do You Save Money With EyeMed?

With EyeMed Vision Care, you’ll have access to significant discounts when it comes to an annual eye exam, eyeglasses and contact lenses costs. How awesome is that! EyeMed Vision Care policyholders can save up to 73% for a pair of glasses or a comprehensive eye exam, compared to what they might have paid without having vision insurance. You will save depending on your EyeMed plan on the kind of frames, lenses and unique features you select. EyeMed Vision Care also offer services for PRK and LASIK vision correction surgery when performed by U.S. refractive surgeons Laser Network. 

What Is The Cost Of EyeMed Vision Care Insurance?

EyeMed Vision Care provides an array of plans for different people with different levels of benefits. One person can pay starting from $5 per month while a family plan goes at $30 per month.

How To Access EyeMed?

This plan is frequently in your overall benefits package offered by your employer. Get in touch with HR to see whether EyeMed Vision Care is provided at your workplace. Alternatively, you can try purchasing a family or individual plan at EyeMed’s official website.

Where To Find An EyeMed Provider In Pensacola?

The EyeMed network is made up of over 44,000 retail-affiliated and independent eye doctors. EyeMed Vision Care service providers include optometrists affiliated with Pearle Vision, LensCrafters, Target Optical, Sears Optical and JCPenney. You can also visit the 50 Dollar Eye Guy in Pensacola for EyeMed Vision Care services. So you’re assured of getting a quality service provider from an affiliated outlet at very affordable pricing.

Where To Get More Info About EyeMed?

So if you need an eye doctor and are looking for more info about EyeMed providers and EyeMed Vision Care benefits, visit www.eyemedvisioncare.com.

You can locate an eye doctor that provides EyeMed Care and schedule an exam. Getting quality eye care is essential but isn’t cheap either. EyeMed Vision Care benefits, you won’t have to compromise when choosing your eyewear. 

Eye doctors from 50 Dollar Eye Guy accept EyeMed insurance plans and will assist you in buying the best quality eyewear at a very good price. With EyeMed Vision insurance, you’ll for sure get premium eyewear at the most affordable prices ever! So, need an eye doctor? Call 50 Dollar Eye Guy today!

What Are The Benefits Of EyeMed Insurance?